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Welcome to my cyber home here on the web. The Iron Ink pages are a collection of poems that I have written over the years, and continue to write. They cover a variety of topics, from contemporary to days of yore.  Some are based on actual events, some are pure imagination, and some are even published in the “Real World”.  You’ll find them all though on the sidebar to your right.  For the latest see “Recent Posts”. 

For not so recent posts, or if your looking for something in particular, try the “Categories” section.  The categories section does not have a link to each poem in that category.  They are automatically generated in order, so you will see the latest poem in that category when you click on the category name.  Each poem will be followed by more in that category without clicking anything, but you may have to scroll down to find what your looking for.  You will know when you hit the end of the category, as you will not be able to scroll down anymore.  The same is true for the archives section.

All written works here are copyrighted, and use is subject to permission.  Feel free however to share any poems you like via a link to the poem. You can also do this on Digg, Reddit, or other social networking sites – including Facebook and Myspace. To share via a social networking site, hit the “share” button at the bottom of each post.  When in doubt, basically a link to the poem is always acceptable.  For any other use, just ask, via the “Contact Info” link which is also on the sidebar to your right.

At any rate, glad you made it, I appreciate you dropping by. Have a look around and enjoy,

Maid of Iron
(Kat MacLintock)